[quagga-users 12399] Which routing protocol to use

TimJ tjql at timweb.ca
Fri Aug 5 21:02:45 IST 2011

I have two LANs that I want to connect together. I have two wireless 
connections which unfortunately are not stable.

   |                       |
tunnel            tunnel
10.10.11.x   10.10.12.x
  |                  |
Lan2             |

Should I use OSPF for this?  I wanted to do failover, but if I could also do
load-balancing that would be good too. I currently have quagga installed on 
one machine on each end (the router which also connects the LANs to the 

Any help getting started would be appreciated. I have read over some docs 
but I've not seem any examples close enough to what I want to do to so I can 
see how it is done.


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