[quagga-users 12417] can not ping pc's in other LANs :(

Maryam Ta mayamta00 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 09:23:35 IST 2011


I'm trying to do cisco labs using quagga to learn different routing protocols.
in one of the tests i encountered a problem. I've searched alot in different websites, cisco labs and etc. all of the config files are the same as my configuration but I don't know where the problem is.:(

we have 2 router and 2 PCs that are connected to each other in the following way :

PC2 <----------------> Router 2 <------------------> Router 1 <---------------------> PC1

so we have 2 LANs and want to ping computers from one of the LANs to another.

IP addresses :

PC2 -->
Router2  has 2 interfaces :
                                     eth0 :
                                      eth2 :

Router1 has 2 interfaces :
                                        eth0 :
                                        eth2 :

All firewalls are OFF.

after setting the configuration i start pinging computers. 
the same result happened for all of the computers so i tell one of them :
Router1 can ping PC1, both Router2 interfaces BUT it can not ping PC2 .

I send the result of show running-config and show ip route in next email.
plz help me.

Thanks alot for help  
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