[quagga-users 12312] Re: lost routes from quagga to linux !

bozox at netcourrier.com bozox at netcourrier.com
Thu Jun 2 13:03:22 IST 2011

Nor dmesg nor syslog doesn't show anything (except crons).

I didn't look at bgpviz as BGP seems to work well, I have the routes I expect to have on each router with "show bgp summary". My problem is that these routes displayed by quagga are not reflected on the linux side, so the linux kernel does not route them !!!

Now I should be happy, because I restarted quagga and it's OK now, but I'm even more afraid since I hate random problems on strategic routers !

I restarted quagga already though, and it didn't fix the problem at first. I'm sure the server was not overloaded : top was OK, and it's a Core i7, 8GB RAM, with Intel giga NICs and SLC SSD in RAID1.

Any idea ?


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