[quagga-users 12322] Re: quagga evolution ?

Gernot Schmied gernot.schmied at chello.at
Sun Jun 5 13:41:00 IST 2011

Sorry for ruining your day Nick, didn't mean to step on your school
science project ;-).
I am just pointing out the lack of direction and how the industry and
consultants interested in deploying it see it, because they have to
support a quagga deployment and argue it's maturity level and deployment
risk and that is frustrating for years now. That has nothing to do with

I can certainly assist in software project management and community
communications ;-). Iterations should at least after 5 years lead
somewhere and not to too many loose ends and "construction sites", don't
you think?  E.g. OpenBSD routing daemons started way after quagga and at
least they are heading somewhere. I don't say that their code is better


Am Sonntag, den 05.06.2011, 13:22 +0100 schrieb Nick Hilliard:
> On 05/06/2011 12:51, Gernot Schmied wrote:
> > Everynow and then the question arises, where quagga is heading in terms
> > of a feature freeze 1.0 production release. This discussion is going on
> > now for years, still regressions and feature bloating but now
> > convergence in terms of a release that can be deployed and *supported*
> > in a production grade environment and a clear signal, that the project
> > maintainers *want* to move it in that direction.
> >
> > Does quagga has a future in terms of acceptance or will it always be a
> > research project just the developers consider production grade?
> Is this an offer of help with complex coding issues or are you just pleased 
> to see everyone?
> Nick

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