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Hirsch, Stephen Stephen.Hirsch at oriongroup.co.nz
Mon Jun 6 11:39:37 IST 2011

We have an OSPF network which has a lot of Ethernet WAN links 
which are effectively point to point - there's only 2 interfaces on the 
link - we configured them as /30's and put each one in a separate 
subnet - it's a pain configuring them and keeping track of all of 
It is obviously possible to use unnumbered serial interfaces where 
the serial interface borrows the IP address of another router 
interface - the loopback usually being the safest - and then run 
PPP over the link with the interface being configured as 'pointopoint' 
in OSPF. 
Now whether it is possible to do this with a pair of Ethernet 
interfaces I am not sure - Mr.Google wasn't much help. Unless 
someone has tried this and got it to work it sounds like some trial 
and error configuration would be required. 
If this worked would this solve your problem?


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Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your reply.
IP space is not a concern. I would like to setup an almost zeroconf network,
where each node can be configured in an independent manner. Managing subnets
would require to guarantee that the interfaces of the nodes attached on the
same segment share the same prefix.
So, if I understand what you suggest, having all nodes with the same network
prefix would be good. But would it be supported by Ospf? I mean, a node with
more that one interface will "see" the same subnet on all the links, and all
the nodes will advertise similar link states. Am I wrong? Could you provide an
example of the ip configuration that you have in mind?
Thanks again,

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why not just have all of the routable nodes in a particular area the exact
same prefix but with a larger network or smaller  netmask?
Are u looking to minimize the number of transit networks that u need to
manage? Conserve public ip space?

On Jun 3, 2011 12:55 PM, "maxd at inwind.it" <maxd at inwind.it> wrote:> Hi,
> I have a network with a partial mesh topology. Each node is connected to
> neighbours through point-to-point Ethernet connections; a node may have up
to 4
> ethernet interfaces, and hence a maximum of 4 neighbours. My question is: is
> possible to configure OSPF so as to establish adjacencies with nodes that
> not have the same IPv4 network prefix? In particular, I was considering
> /32 IP addresses on the node interfaces. Would it be feasible? The reason
why I
> would like to avoid standard subnetting (a subnet prefix for each link) is
> ease the configuration of the network.
> Thanks for the time spent reading my email, and for any advice you will
> provide.
> Massimiliano
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