[quagga-users 12344] Re: bgp tcp connection error

M. V. bored_to_death85 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 08:36:57 IST 2011

On 14/06/2011 18:41, 'h bagade' wrote:

> router_B sends KeepAlive ACK to router_C but it is not listed in 
> router_C's wireshark(wireshark is running on router_C). After that
>  router_C sends RST and after 1min, retransmitt the KA! the 
> connection becomes one-way from router_C to router_B. 
> Router_C retransmits KA recursively and in response to every 
> router_C's packet, RST is sent from router_B(not listed in router_C's
> wireshark!). 


well this seems quite odd. from what i know, if one side of TCP connection 
doesn't receive an ACK in a specific time, it just retransmits its packet again, 
so i can't figure out why your router_C sends RST packet. plus, RST packet, if 
being sent, terminates the connection thus there has to be no more sending and 
receiving (data) packets on both sides after that.

1- i guess it might have something to do with kernel managing tcp sockets, not 
quagga. what OS/Distribution are you running quagga on?
2- do you have any firewall, etc running which might interfere with this?
3- in what situations does this happen? for example, does this behavior happens 
every time with just two bgp neighbors too?
4- how long does it take from establishing TCP connection, to RST packet being 
sent from one side? is it always the same amount of time?
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