[quagga-users 12211] Cannot save to configuration file vtysh

Huq A. 1 a.m.huq at aalto.fi
Wed Mar 30 17:41:10 IST 2011

Dear friends,
I am running Ubuntu 10.10 inside Virtualbox and I have installed 0.99.17-1 (quagga) in it. My vtysh.conf looks like:
! Sample configuration file for vtysh.
! service integrated-vtysh-config
hostname RTA
username root nopassword
After that, when I try to write I get the following:

RTA# write
Building Configuration...
Can't save to configuration file, using vtysh.
Can't save to configuration file, using vtysh.

Now if I lift the comment from " service integrated-vtysh-config", then its OK:
RTA# write
Building Configuration...
Integrated configuration saved to /etc/quagga/Quagga.conf

When I initially configured the system I did:
chown quagga.quaggavty /etc/quagga/*.conf
chmod 640 /etc/quagga/*.conf

When the problem started showing:
I did "chmod 777 /etc/quagga/*.conf"........ but it didn't change anything.

Why is this happening?
The other answers that I am seeing, is not so clear to me.


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