[quagga-users 12503] Re: bgp - quagga-0.99.18

Nathan Gibbs nathan at cmpublishers.com
Tue Oct 11 16:56:06 IST 2011

On 10/11/2011 9:31 AM, Bret Clark wrote:
> Yes we using it in conjunction with some purpose built BGP
> routers...ironically, seems quagga is more stable at times. We're using
> a dual core 3ghz machine with 2gig memory...system doesn't even break a
> sweat in terms of routing. We even do some policy shaping and firewall
> services on the same machine with no problem.
I'm considering a similar hardware config to replace our external
firewalls.  How much bandwidth are you moving through it?


Nathan Gibbs

Systems Administrator
Christ Media

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