[quagga-users 12531] Virtual Machines Network

Roberto Schuster robertoaschuster at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 23:09:31 IST 2011


I'm a student starting to use Quagga software and I'm glad to join you guys!

First, I know that asking about a subject that I'm not used is kind 
offensive. But I would like to ask you a little pacience.

So, I have just installed Qwagga in a virtual machine running Ubuntu 
11.10. My objective is develop the concepts of the third layer of the 
OSI model, such as addressing and packet routing algorithms.
To do that, I intend to use another virtual machine to connect with the 
first and send data between them. Each one must be a router in the 
network, so I can choose some protocolls and routing algorithms.

The problem is that I don't know how to do this comunication between the 
VMs and I would apreciate if you guys could give some tips...
I'm reading the official documentation, but maybe some hints about could 
turn things faster for me.

Well, I really thank you from now.

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