[quagga-users 12862] pfsense quagga urgent help

Gabor Debreczeni-Kis sixday at sixday.hu
Wed Apr 18 09:22:07 BST 2012

Dear Everybody,

I'm new on this list because until now I was just a happy user of 
quagga, I had no problem with it.
But now I need some really urgent help with quagga.
I'm installed a new machine with pfsense 2.0.1 on amd64. I'm installed 
the quagga from the pfsense package manager. It installed the version 

I'm trying to run zebra only to manage some static routes. (pfsense 
builtin routes not an option because the destination interfaces are not 
up at boot time)
Here is the zebra conf, with only one rule for testing:
log syslog
ip route

If I'm adding this rule from console with route add command then 
everything works perfectly and I'm getting the following output on the 
route monitor command:
got message of size 192 on Wed Apr 18 10:03:41 2012
RTM_ADD: Add Route: len 192, pid: 41494, seq 1, errno 0, 
locks:  inits:
sockaddrs: <DST,GATEWAY,NETMASK> (0) 0 ffff ff

If I'm starting zebra it sends some error to the error log:
zebra[47974]: kernel_rtm_ipv4: rtm_write() unexpectedly 
returned -5 for command RTM_ADD
zebra[47974]: rtm_write: write : Invalid argument (22)

and the route monitor sends the following output:
got message of size 140 on Wed Apr 18 10:12:23 2012
RTM_ADD: Add Route: len 140, pid: 0, seq 0, errno 0, 
locks:  inits:
sockaddrs: <DST,GATEWAY,NETMASK> (255) ffff ffff ff

Have anybody any idea what can be the problem?
What I can see that the end of the command (the netmask) differs but I 
don't know why it is 0 or 255, the commands are the same.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards:
Gabor Debreczeni-Kis

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