[quagga-users 12866] Quagga+DHClient pair doesn't work

Ellad G. Yatsko eyatsko at ngs.ru
Tue Apr 24 15:26:43 BST 2012


I encounter one strange problem:
- FreeBSD 9.0 x64;
- Quagga 0.99.20;
- DHClient FreeBSD native and ISC-DHCP42-Client.
When system starts DHCP client which was put into /sbin instead of dhclient
gets address system works or some time normally. But when lease elapses
DHCP-Client asks for new lease... At that moment interface loose its IP 
at all,
all sessions go down, connectivity get lost.

What do I do? I stop Quagga (nothing else does not help!), I kill 
dhclient process,
I start dhclient again and I start Quagga. All is fine again. But... 
BGP-sessions - it is
not a joke! VPN-tunnels over Internet to remote sites are UP for short 
time but real
connectivity with remote computers appears after rather long time - 
while Quagga
exchanges LSAs via tunnels with another OSPF neighbors. Our ISP's 
is to lease IP for several hours! Do you understand what it means?

Question: what could it be? May you help me? I've changed FreeBSD 7.2 x64 on
current 9.0-release, but old problem is still here... :-( I exhausted 
all my mind.

Kind regards,
Ellad G. Yatsko

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