[quagga-users 12867] Re: Quagga+DHClient pair doesn't work

Gabor Debreczeni-Kis sixday at sixday.hu
Wed Apr 25 21:02:40 BST 2012


As far as I know if you loose your IP then connectivity lost is normal. 
I think you cannot avoid this.
For me the question is why you need to kill dhclient, why it is not 
configure the new ip for the interface?
If this happens automatically then VPN tunnels should go online 
automatcally and Quagga should exchange everything again.
But because of the new ip you cannot avoid the disconnection of the 
tunnels and you will lost everything which was going through it (OSPF, etc.)

In my opinion if you're running multiple VPN tunnels, OSPF and BGP I 
think the best could be if you put some extra money to your ISP for a 
fix ip.

Best Regards:
Gabor Debreczeni-Kis

On 2012.04.24. 16:26, Ellad G. Yatsko wrote:
> Hello!
> I encounter one strange problem:
> - FreeBSD 9.0 x64;
> - Quagga 0.99.20;
> - DHClient FreeBSD native and ISC-DHCP42-Client.
> When system starts DHCP client which was put into /sbin instead of 
> dhclient
> gets address system works or some time normally. But when lease elapses
> DHCP-Client asks for new lease... At that moment interface loose its 
> IP at all,
> all sessions go down, connectivity get lost.
> What do I do? I stop Quagga (nothing else does not help!), I kill 
> dhclient process,
> I start dhclient again and I start Quagga. All is fine again. But... 
> BGP-sessions - it is
> not a joke! VPN-tunnels over Internet to remote sites are UP for short 
> time but real
> connectivity with remote computers appears after rather long time - 
> while Quagga
> exchanges LSAs via tunnels with another OSPF neighbors. Our ISP's 
> requirement
> is to lease IP for several hours! Do you understand what it means?
> Question: what could it be? May you help me? I've changed FreeBSD 7.2 
> x64 on
> current 9.0-release, but old problem is still here... :-( I exhausted 
> all my mind.
> Kind regards,
> Ellad G. Yatsko
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