[quagga-users 12868] [ANNOUNCE] Maintainership & OpenSourceRouting.org

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Thu Apr 26 19:18:21 BST 2012

Hi everyone,

these days, I'm starting an employment with the OSR (OpenSourceRouting.org)
project, with the explicit objective to coordinate on the mailing lists and
work on integrating 3rd-party trees.  This means that I will have some
actual resources to put into maintaining Quagga, and I will try my best to
improve on the maintenance performance we're showing.

The OSR is also contributing major testing resources.  If you followed the
bugzilla lately, you have already seen some of this.  To make some use of
that, we've come up with a merge-window release-window process:
The idea is that we will push releases through the OSR's testing; having a
period where the git tree will be open for important bugfixes and regression
fixes only.  These testing processes take around 2-3 weeks, so we're
inheriting that period of time for the release window.  Of course, anyone
else is invited as well to do some testing during that period.

These testing resources also serve another very important purpose: they
allow us to be considerably more lax in accepting patches, since we have
some added feedback before actually shipping out a release.  Therefore, I
expect that we will see way more merges coming up.  (Some branches that have
already came pre-tested have already been merged, if you look at the git.)

When acting as a maintainer on the Quagga project, even though the OSR
supports me in it, I will base my reasonings on the needs of the entire
project and its users.  Obviously when there are no external reasons or
I'm not executing my role as a maintainer, I will work on the OSR's
interests instead of something else, but this should stay clear of my
maintainership.  Still, I'd like to encourage you to, shall concerns
arise, message me or maintainers at quagga.net about them.

I'm looking forward to push Quagga ahead,


[this mail is about a week delayed, tbfh I'm still figuring out my time
management with this]
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