[quagga-users 13092] Any issues with multiple BGP instances with each instance updating a separate kernel routing table?

Sandeep Ahluwalia sandeep.ahluwalia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 13:23:39 GMT 2012


We are planning to configure multiple instances of BGP with Quagga. Each
BGP instance would update a different instance of the kernel routing table.

Our configuration would be something on the lines of the following setup:
bgp multiple-instance
router bgp 1
neighbor remote-as 2
neighbor remote-as 3
table 1
router bgp 2
neighbor remote-as 4
neighbor remote-as 5
table 2

Do you see any issue with this approach? We are using a Linux 2.4 kernel
that supports multiple routing tables.

Thanks in advance,

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