[quagga-users 13102] question

Milutin Aksic milutin.aksic at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 19 12:56:51 GMT 2012

Hi people,
I have problem with quagga software. When I installed quagga 0.99.20 there was no quagga service in /etc/init.d/
directory and on that installation when I started zebra -d I could ping another server but I couldn't ssh, telnet and
so on (actualy I could but not on another wanted server but on the same computer where I installed quagga double
loging). And I can't make isisd and ripd work as they should, there are no neighbors and R or I routes after show ip 
route command. Something is wrong but I can't figure out what.
Thank you in advance,
Milutin Aksic.
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