[quagga-users 13103] OSPF Top Router Disconnection Issue! Urgent!

Arif mohdarifsaifi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 05:39:46 GMT 2012

Dear All,

3 years back, i deployed quagga-0.99.15 on one of the target boards to use 
OSPF routing protocol.
I didn't make any change in the original source code. Since then, due to some 
reasons, i have not upgraded quagga version as well.

Out of the blue, we have come across a serious problem in the OSPF module in 
The topmost router connected in the topology (router having only one neighbor) 
is creating problem of disconnection.

Topology & Scenario
Host 1--------------------------Router 1
		N5		|
				Router 2
				Router 3
		N1		|
Host 2--------------------------Router 4

a) OSPF running on all Routers. OSPF not running on Host machines.
b) Ping from Host 1 to Host 2 successful. Everything is OK.
c) Restart Router 1
d) After completion of restart, Router 1 not creating DATABASE and showing 
e) Ping from Host 1 to Host 2 NOT successful. This is my PROBLEM.
f) Now restart Router 2. After completion of restart, everything is OK again.
g) Ping from Host 1 to Host 2 successful. Everything is OK.

I have checked that it is not a problem of physical connection.
I have also checked that it is not a problem of OSPF configurations or any 
software configurations.
I have also checked that quagga daemons are running and not crashed.
I have also checked that there is no error in OSPF and Zebra logs.

This problem is not easily reproducible. It occurs once in 10 tries.

3 years have passed, Quagga has already reached to version-0.99.21.
Did you ever come across any issue like this?
Is it related to any of the closed or open issues of Quagga?

Is there anything special about the topmost router that has only one neighbor?
Are there special functions in OSPF source that that handles the vertex
(topmost) routers?

Any hint/suggestion from your side could be of great help for me.

An early response can save my life :(


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