[quagga-users 12924] voip application with bounty

copycall dave at copycall.com
Thu Jul 5 19:15:03 BST 2012


i operate a voicemail service bureau and i am looking for some router help,
hence the bounty.

i have jitter and latency under heavy loads with my current business cable
isp connection, it's 15 down and 2 up.

but, this connection provides the ip address for my sip carrier to direct
traffic to.

i have added a consumer cable isp connection that is 30 down and 5 up, but
it is only dhcp.

i would like to aggregate these connections to solve the problem.

i have looked at click, xorp, pfsense, proprietary boxes and now quagga.

i'd be interested if anyone has any ideas about solving the problem.

you can contact me offlist at: dave at copycall.com

thank you,
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