[quagga-users 12930] Re: OSPFd unstability problem

Maryam Ta mayamta00 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 15 11:03:47 BST 2012

1.Oh!  I'm a newbie and i have'nt think of checking OSPF routes
2.sure! I will turn on logging for further tests and check what will happen.
3.No, I have'nt multiple routes between routers.

Thanks for your help

Some questions:

1. When ping doesn't work, have the OSPF-announced routes disappeared from
the Linux kernel routing table?

2. Is there anything indicating a problem in the debug logs? Turn on
logging and read them.

3. Does your routing setup have multiple paths between two routers? If so,
you could be seeing problems with rp_filter, the reverse path filter. This
is my personal demon:



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