[quagga-users 12940] two views as peers

Igor Belikov ivb at is.ua
Tue Jul 24 08:40:48 BST 2012

Hello Quagga-users,

  I'm using quagga 0.99.20-r1 from Gentoo portage.

  I have configuration with 2 bgp views:

bgp multiple-instance
router bgp 35714 view Infoservice
 bgp router-id
 [about 10 peers skipped]
 neighbor remote-as 35714
 neighbor description RS Triangle
 neighbor update-source
 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor prefix-list q3pl-Triangle in
 neighbor route-map map-local-preference-Triangle in
 neighbor route-map map-IS-Triangle out
router bgp 35714 view Triangle
 bgp router-id
 neighbor remote-as 35714
 neighbor description RS Infoservice
 neighbor update-source
 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound
 neighbor prefix-list q3pl-Infoservice in
 [some peers skipped]

  Both addresses - and - are exists on
  the same vlan.

  1st view (Infoservice) collects announces from different peers and
  sends resulting routing table on the border switch.

  2nd view (Triangle) share announces between some peers, build own
  routing table (from all peers) and announce resulting table to 1st

  This scheme works fine.

  But there is one problem.

  When I begun some experiments with configuration - deleting peer from view Triangle and try to create _with the same
  configuration_ - I got error message:

Can not configure the local system as neighbor

  I understand the sence of this error - quagga don't allow me to
  configure different peers on the same server. But I don't understand
  - why? The above scheme works fine without errors. So why I can't
  use this scheme?

  I was need to delete vlan with and,
  restore configuration, and than recreate deleted vlan.

  I compile last quagga (0.99.21) from sources on different server to
  make patch to turn off check for peers on same interface. But I
  can't reproduce error. Views and peers were created without errors.
  But check still present in code.

  So I have some asks:

  1. To developers: please, add option in 'configure' to exclude from
  code check for several peers on th same interface.

  2. To all: please, help me to reproduce error message.

Best regards,
 Igor                          mailto:ivb at is.ua

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