[quagga-users 12909] Quagga on Winpath

Harini Gopalakrishnan Harini.Gopalakrishnan at lntinfotech.com
Thu Jun 7 12:38:42 BST 2012


I am trying to cross compile Quagga on Wintegra Winpath3 platform.

This is the command i have used to CC the Quagga.


./configure CC=Winpath_package/mipsisa32r2-timesys-linux-uclibc-gcc LDFLAGS="-l/Winpath_package/..../lib" CPPFLAGS="-I/Winpath_package/..../include" --prefix="/exe_path" --host=mipsisa32r2-timesys-linux-uclibc"


the path variables are correct.

even then i see that some of the dependent Libs are missing, and the ERROR says.

"Checking Whether C compiler Works: No"

and then terminates, and in the Log it says.

No Such File or Dir "crt1.o"

then i did a Softlink to this file in the current Quagga dir. ln -s "Winpath_package/..../crt1.o crt1.o"

after doing this, the above error is gone,

but there a new error saying. No Such file or dir "libc.so.0"

surprisingly it is looking into the /lib dir instead of my Winpath_package directory {even if i set the LDFLAGS correctly}

Can someone help us in resolving this issue. we are kind of stuck with this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Harini Gopalakrishnan

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