[quagga-users 12920] Re: ospf6d deletes ipv4 routes from kernel routing table on restart

Shane Mc Cormack Shane.McCormack at hostinguk.net
Thu Jun 21 23:49:50 BST 2012

>From what I can see, this is a problem with the debian/ubuntu packaging of quagga rather than quagga or any of the quagga daemons.

On Debian/Ubuntu there is only a single /etc/init.d/quagga script which does everything, and the stop section has this line:

>    ip route flush proto zebra

Which is called regardless of which daemons you are stopping. (So this would also remove BGP routes...)

On the other hand, the Redhat packages contain separate scripts for each daemon (/etc/init.d/bgpd, /etc/init.d/zebra ... /etc/init.d/ospf6d) and only the zebra script has the "ip route flush" line.

I don't recall the quagga repo containing a debian directory, so I believe this is packaged externally by someone from debian so you would need to contact them.

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> Hello all,
> I just opened up bug 732
> (https://bugzilla.quagga.net/show_bug.cgi?id=732) for this problem. My
> googling and searching the bugzilla database didn't seem to turn up
> other reports of this issue. Example configs and the procedure to
> reproduce the problem are included in the bug report.
> Fortunately it is easy to replicate. Unfortunately it is bad news in a
> production network.
> Have any of you seen this, or have any work-arounds to suggest ?
> Thanks for your time.
> Daniel
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