[quagga-users 13006] Slightly embarrassing DHCP question

Joachim Nilsson troglobit at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:12:54 BST 2012


this is a slightly embarrassing and non-technical/setup question ... 
here goes: we have a customer case where they want to use DHCP to set 
several Quagga OSPF router's IP addresses. The DHCP servers will use 
Option 82 to provide a sort of "IP per physical port", so the IP is not 
likely to change at runtime.

However, we're a bit hesitant to endorse such a setup due to ... well, 
it's DHCP. Future setups may not have Option 82 support in the 
servers/relay-agents where the routers are connected, and in such setups 
the routers could lose their IP, get a different one, and all sorts of 
unpleasant things, unless you tweak the DHCP server lease times etc.

We've tried our best conveying our concerns to the people responsible, 
but to no avail, and now we've run out of arguments other than "well, 
don't do that 'cause it's stupid..."

Maybe our concerns are unfounded?


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