[quagga-users 13012] Quagga OSPFv3 support to change auto-cost reference-bandwidth

Michelin Grandeza michelingrandeza at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 04:05:25 BST 2012


Is changing of auto-cost reference-bandwidth supported in OSPFv3 in Quagga v0.99.21 ?

From my findings below, it appears to be not supported. Thanks, appreciate your help!



It appears that auto-cost reference-bandwidth command is not supported for OSPFv3 in Quagga v0.99.21 using vtysh.
In IPv4, auto-cost reference-bandwidth option can be found after doing the ff. commands:

config t
router ospf
auto-cost reference-bandwidth {value}

This can also be done using the ff. command:
vtysh -c "config t" -c "router ospf" -c "auto-cost reference-bandwidth {value}"

This can be check if this was applied by looking at the running config via the cmd:
vtysh -c "show running-config"

As you can notice, the auto-cost reference-bandwidth is indicated under "router ospf" together with other IPv4 changes.
In IPv6, router-related settings are under in "router ospf6". After checking the same command, auto-cost reference-bandwidth cannot be found after doing the ff. steps:

config t
router ospf6

This command is usually found in Cisco routers.

I have also tried overriding the conf for both OSPFv2 and OSPFv3.

For OSPFv2, placing the ff. info in /etc/quagga/ospf.conf will work:

router ospf
 auto-cost reference-bandwidth 1000

However for OSPFv3, doing the same under "router ospf6" will not work:

router ospf6
 auto-cost reference-bandwidth 1000

Upon restarting Quagga, the ff. error message will appear:

Error occured during reading below line.
 auto-cost reference-bandwidth 1000
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