[quagga-users 13015] Re: Quagga OSPFv3 support to change auto-cost reference-bandwidth

Michelin Grandeza michelingrandeza at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 07:41:22 BST 2012

Thanks Vincent for your reply! I appreciate your time and looking forward to its availability.

More power!

Best regards,

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Subject: Re: [quagga-users 13012] Quagga OSPFv3 support to change auto-cost reference-bandwidth
❦ 24 octobre 2012 05:05 CEST, Michelin Grandeza <michelingrandeza at yahoo.com> :

> Hello!
> Is changing of auto-cost reference-bandwidth supported in OSPFv3 in Quagga v0.99.21 ?
> From my findings below, it appears to be not supported. Thanks,
> appreciate your help!

Yes, it is not supported. This is appears to be the second item on my
TODO list. Unless someone has already a patch somewhere, I will try to
work on it this week.
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