[quagga-users 13022] Re: BGP Md5 Authentication

Nick Hilliard nick at inex.ie
Sun Oct 28 10:13:56 GMT 2012

On 28/10/2012 08:11, sthaug at nethelp.no wrote:
> That line needs to end with a semicolon, thus:
> add p.q.r.s a.b.c.d tcp 0x1000 -A tcp-md5 "xxxxxxxxx" ;

that line in /etc/ipsec.conf also needs to be in place and activated (using
e.g. /etc/rc.d/ipsec reload) before you add the equivalent neighbor xxx
password line into the quagga configuration.

TCP/MD5 on freebsd is cumbersome but it does work.  Pity there was never an
ipsec api defined, because it would have made implementation a lot easier.


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