[quagga-users 12958] Re: Queries regarding OSPFv3 area support

Eric S. Johnson esj at cs.fiu.edu
Wed Sep 5 14:56:51 BST 2012

tore.anderson at redpill-linpro.com said:
> Areas are an integral part of OSPFv3, so without supporting areas,
> you can't support OSPFv3 at all. So Quagga supports areas just fine.
> An example from a production router in my network:

What quagga version/fork are you running? I did experiments
with quagga-0.99.21 back in May and had a problem which 
was related to inter-area propogation of ASE default route.

I got a couple direct responces from folks who said "yeah
quagga ospfv3 is kinda broken and someone needs to fix it".


The web link docs are still available.


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