[quagga-users 12961] Re: OSPF configuration for same IP in multiple area

Ralph Mondegar ralph at ipsecure.com.br
Sun Sep 9 13:03:08 BST 2012

Hello Sunil,

  It's very unlikely that this topic is to be discussed here, but yes,
quagga is capable to implement almost every OSPF function as a cisco router
does, specially basic ones like those.
  The problem is most likely with the topology design but i'm honestly
having a hard time understanding what you have and want.
  If you are interested, draw a clear topology (maybe visio ?) respecting
how physical links are connected and also please specify the following:

- Every interface ip address with it's netmask;
- How links are connected to the routers (Serial ? FastEthernet ?
GigabitEthernet ?) and their respective bandwidth;
- Your goal, which i believe it is to reach from R0 the network behind R4
going thru R2 - > R4.

  Send those to my e-mail and i'll take a look.

Best Regards,

   Ralph Mondegar

On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 8:10 AM, Sunil Govind <sunil.govind at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I am a quagga user..
> I use 3 OSPF areas as Area 0, Area 1 and Area 2. Area 0 has 3 routers in
> which 2 routers are connected to Area1 and Area2 respectively.
> R0 -----------
> |               |
> |[area 0]    |
> R1  -------  R2
> |                |
> |[area1]      | [area2]
> R3            R4
> I use 192.168 segment with as netmask in area 1 and area 2.
> My requirement is to assign high cost in R3 for, and less
> cost for same IP in R4.
> This will make R0 -->  R2 -->  R4 route to select. Now if i select less
> cost in R4 for, then i want R0 -->  R1 -->  R3.
> Is this topology correct? is it possible to configure this setup with
> quagga ospf. I wud like to use quagga and zebra here.
> Now i tried this topology, but the cost which i set in R3 or R4 is not
> showing in "sh ip route" from R0 router.
> It says always 110/20 and selects always R0 -->  R2 -->  R4 route.
> Also i am using redistribute kernel in R3 and R4.
> pls help..
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