[quagga-users 12964] OSPF conditional route advertising or workaround

Mihai Tanasescu mihai at duras.ro
Wed Sep 12 16:47:23 BST 2012

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask if anything has been implemented so far as to be similar 
to the OSPF conditional route advertising of the Cisco routers.

Basically I have a setup like this:

ISP -- GW A --OSPF---> other equipments network
ISP -- GW B --OSPF---> same other equipments

I wanted to match on routing table entries received on GW A and if those 
are present -> GW A advertises a default to the other elements.
Same for GW B (of course different costs etc).

Is there a way to do this with the current Quagga implementation or a 
clean workaround for the mentioned issue ?

Thanks in advance,

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