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> * Eric S. Johnson
> > What quagga version/fork are you running? I did experiments
> > with quagga-0.99.21 back in May and had a problem which
> > was related to inter-area propogation of ASE default route.
> Quagga 0.99.20, Ubuntu/Debian packaging. I've been running Quagga for
> years, so I've been through many older versions as well. But I've never
> had any problems with Quagga's OSPFv3 not having support for areas. I'm
> not sure how such an implementation could form any neighbor adjacency
> at
> all - isn't the area ID a mandatory field in all OSPFv3 packets?
> > I got a couple direct responces from folks who said "yeah
> > quagga ospfv3 is kinda broken and someone needs to fix it".
> Indeed. I have stability problems with Quagga's OSPFv3 and also
> frequently experience that the default route gets removed from the
> kernel's routing table - it especially seems to happen if some other
> router elsewhere in the area leaves/joins the topology. Also I'm
> missing
> NSSA support and something along the lines of "passive-interface
> default" (to avoid having to manually enabling OSPFv3 on every
> individual interface).

The version of Quagga with MANET extensions available from http://cs.itd.nrl.navy.mil/work/ospf-manet/index.php includes improved OSPFv3 inter-area routing and support for passive interfaces.


> Therefore I'm currently migrating to BIRD6 for OSPFv3, and I'm very
> happy so far.
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