[quagga-users 13218] Re: 2 interfaces on the same subnet

Banyan He banyan at rootong.com
Wed Apr 3 12:24:06 BST 2013

For RIPv1, it uses broadcast address. For RIPv2, it's multicast address. 
You will always get into it. Not the problem, but it will find two paths 
to go out. You can control it or discharge one of the interfaces from 
RIP communication.

Banyan He
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On 4/3/2013 6:43 AM, vinay pai wrote:
> Hi Quagga Users,
> I have a small question.
> I am building a small prototype for a project. I have installed Quagga 
> on a Virtual machine and am trying to connect it to another VM. I am 
> using Host-only Adapters and I have two interfaces assigned an IP 
> address of and and they are on the same 
> subnet for the Quagga VM. The interfaces have the corresponding IP ie 
> eth0 had and eth1 has I am sending RIP 
> packets from another VM to the VM on which Quagga is present. I am 
> receiving the packets on the Quagga VM. But the problem is even if the 
> packets destination IP address is, I am seeing that the 
> packets are being received on eth0 which is on the ripd 
> logs. Is this problem because both the interfaces are on the same 
> subnet? It would be great if some light can be shed on this issue.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Vinay Pai B.H.
> Grad Student - Computer Science
> Viterbi School of Engineering
> University of Southern California
> Los Angeles, CA, USA

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