[quagga-users 13235] "set ipv6 next-hop global" did not work for iBGP

Sandeep Ahluwalia sandeep.ahluwalia at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 15:37:07 BST 2013


Our setup consists of three routers A,B and C in an IPV6 network.
The routing protocol between A and B is ripng ipv6. The routing protocol
between B and C is iBGP ipv6.


We want B to advertise a route towards A with the next hop set to the
global IPV6 address of B. We are overriding the default behaviour of
setting the next hop as a link local address.

We have setup a next-hop routemap using the "set ipv6 next-hop global"
command. But we still see that the router is still advertising the next hop
with a link local address.

The configuration for Router B is shown below. (I have added [SNIP] as per
customer request).

! Router B

router bgp 65521

! Router ID

bgp router-id

! Configure BGP_GW1 as iBGP peer

! Router C - IPV4

neighbor remote-as 65521

neighbor weight 1000

! Router C - 1PV6

neighbor 2001:[SNIP]:2eff:4182::98 remote-as 65521

neighbor 2001:[SNIP]:2eff:4182::98 route-map set-nexthop out

address-family ipv6

neighbor 2001:[SNIP]:2eff:4182::98 activate


address-family  ipv6

redistribute ripng


 ! Route map to force the next hop to a global address

route-map set-nexthop permit 10

match ipv6 address all

set ipv6 next-hop global 2001:[SNIP]:2eff:4182::100

! Allow incoming Telnet connections

line vty

Thanks in advance,

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