[quagga-users 13244] Quagga released

David Lamparter equinox at diac24.net
Mon Apr 15 11:53:51 BST 2013

Hi everyone,

Quagga has been released and is up on Savannah for download at:
If you encounter a "404" error, Savannah mirrors are still synchronising
the files, please give it another day.

This is a stable release, addressing some small issues (no security impact)
with 0.99.22.  All users are advised to upgrade, in particular if you use
OSPF with pointpoint links.

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

Major regressions:

- ospfd: restore nexthop IP for p2p interfaces
  ospfd in 0.99.22 will miscalculate the nexthop of AS-External routes with
  a forwarding address when the route points over a pointopoint interface.

Minor fixes:

- lib/vty: register vtysh socket in server socket vector (BZ#754)
- ripd: correctly redistribute ifindex routes (BZ#664)
- bgpd: fix lost passwords of grouped neighbors

Build issues:

- build: fix minimal mixup in gitinfo suffix
- build: reference libcap from libzebra (BZ#393,626)
- build: update quagga.spec.in
- doc: fix makeinfo errors and one warning
- tests: make --disable-bgpd kill bgpd tests too
- vtysh: fix false lib path matching in extract.pl.in

Please also refer to the 0.99.22 release announcement for further details. All
information in that announcement still applies.


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