[quagga-users 13248] newbie question on rout-maps

Charlet, Ricky ricky.charlet at hp.com
Thu Apr 18 04:34:18 BST 2013

        I'm new to quagga. And I'm pretty sure this is a trivial problem to most folks here, but please share a solution for me....

I can't seem to save a route map. I think I'm entering it ok. But I `set` a next-hop ip and it does not seem to actually have been saved in the route-map.

 I do this:
rtr# conf t
rtr(config)# route-map rickys permit 42
rtr(config-route-map)# match tag 42
rtr(config-route-map)# set ip next-hop
rtr(config-route-map)# exit
rtr(config)# exit
rtr# show route-map
route-map rickys, permit, sequence 42
  Match clauses:
  Set clauses:
  Call clause:
    Exit routemap
--------------------------------paste ---------------------------

So why don't I see my match and set clauses?

Ricky Charlet
Software Dev / Routing Dude: Aries team, Roseville CA
ricky.charlet at hp.com<mailto:ricky.charlet at hp.com>
USA: 916.785.2090

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