[quagga-users 13249] Fwd: Announcing BGP-SRx 0.3.0 service release

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Thu Apr 18 21:23:15 BST 2013

I saw this on NANOG recently. Reposting with permission. FYI. Please don't ask me about it, all I know is what I saw on the web site.


On Apr 8, 2013, at 4:44 PM, "Borchert, Oliver" <oliver.borchert at nist.gov> wrote:
> This is to announce the BGP Secure Router Extension (BGP-SRx) Version 0.3 Prototype Implementation.
> This release includes extensive performance and robustness
> improvements, multi router support, re-design/re-write of the Quagga
> integration, and many bug fixes.
> BGP-SRx is an open source reference implementation and research
> platform for investigating emerging BGP security extensions and supporting protocols.
> The BGP-SRx suite consists of three parts:
> (1) SRx Server, (2) SRx API, and (3) Quagga-SRx (which integrates the
> SRx API into the Quagga router).
> The focus is on origin validation, although it is designed to be
> extended to path validation. Stub functionality for path validation is
> included in this version.
> Additionally, this release contains an SRx client/server test
> harnesses and a simple RPKI validation cache simulator (VCS). The VCS
> allows to manually feed ROA information into BGP-SRx server using the
> RPKI to Router protocol (rfc6810) as well as WireShark modules for debugging.
> For more information on BGP-SRx, and to download the prototype and tools, see:
> http://www-x.antd.nist.gov/bgpsrx/
> Comments and feedback about BGP-SRx are welcome. See the project page for details.
> Thanks,
> Oliver Borchert
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Oliver Borchert, Computer Scientist
> National Institute of Standards and Technology
> (Phone) 301.975.4856 , (Fax) 301.975.6238

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