[quagga-users 13324] Re: Q: deleting routes from the zebra_rib

neitzel at marshlabs.gaertner.de neitzel at marshlabs.gaertner.de
Wed Jul 10 20:31:53 BST 2013

ricky.charlet at hp.com wrote:

> helios-cave# show ip route
> Codes: K - kernel route, C - connected, S - static, R - RIP, O - OSPF,
>        I - ISIS, B - BGP, > - selected route, * - FIB route
> K>* via, eth0
> C>* is directly connected, eth0
> C>* is directly connected, lo
> R [120/2] via, eth1, 00:00:23
> C>* is directly connected, lo
> C>* is directly connected, eth1
> Is that bad? It seems so to me.

Nope, everything is fine.  Note the inital flag characters in each
row (and the "Codes:" legend above) and recognize that only the
"C"onnected route is now marked "*", i.e. as part of the FIB
(Forwarding Information Base).

The "R"ip route is still seen as announced by a peer, but doesn't
make it into the FIB anymore (no "*").

						Martin Neitzel

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