[quagga-users 13448] Re: [quagga-dev 10749] Proposal: remove the ospf(v2) distribute list feature

Alexis Rosen quagga-users at alexis.users.panix.com
Tue Sep 17 01:31:47 BST 2013

On Sep 16, 2013, at 1:34 PM, "Charlet, Ricky" <ricky.charlet at hp.com> wrote:
>        ospf(v2 only) has a cli feature, `distribute-list`.
> 1.      Ospf distribute-list is radically and confusingly different than what rip(ng) distribute-list does
> 2.      Ospf distribute-list functionality is met by the more-broadly consistent route-maps feature.
> 3.      There is no ospf6 distribute-list feature
>   How about deprecating and removing the feature?  Please do point out if it serves a function that I've missed.
> Not that this is a justification, but the presence of the ospf distribute-list feature caused a fair bit of inter-team (gui + backend) confusion in our organization.  I have suspicions it is not well used or tested. And I'm recommending my organization ignore it.

I remember being confused by this as well when I first tried to use OSPF distribute lists on Ciscos maybe 20 years ago (holy crap that's a long time). "That would break OSPF" did not seem like a convincing argument, when I wanted to use that feature to do something eminently sensible, and OSPF instead did something utterly useless. But as far as I know, route-maps will not solve the problem either... unless you use iBGP instead, which is what I wound up doing for that particular issue. Or maybe it was ospf multi-instance- I forget.

Even though now I understand the issues better, I still find it a fairly useless feature. But then again, I find many features useless, which doesn't make them useless to everyone else. As this code works, and was presumably created for Cisco compatibility, I don't see any reason to take it out.

It sounds like you guys are writing a GUI front-end for Quagga. I think you're making the right call here - nobody needing that GUI is likely to want to use this feature.


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