[quagga-users 13570] ipv6 auto config problem

Noushin B b.noushin7 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 13 14:35:49 GMT 2014

Dear Quagga users,
I am dealing with IPV6 on quagga, and I want to use its auto configuration mode.
I am using GNS3 for simulation. So I want to connect a cisco device to my quagga.
I have enabled IPV6 on both of the devices. In this scenario, quagga sends Router Advertisement neighbor discovery, and the cisco device should use the prefix in advertisement message to create its own ipv6 address. 
these are the commands that I used in my Quagga:

 ipv6 address fc00:12::1/64
 ipv6 address fc00:21::1/64
 ipv6 nd suppress-ra
 ipv6 nd ra-interval 20
 ipv6 nd ra-lifetime 50
 ipv6 nd prefix fc00:12::/64 7200 7200
 ipv6 nd prefix fc00:21::/64 7200 7200 no-autoconfig


The problem is that the cisco device which is connected to quagga (Via GNS3) doesn`t recieve the prefix, and also they can not ping each other.
any help would be appreciated
best regards
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