[quagga-users 13573] Backup Designated Router stuck in INIT state.

Shashi Yachavaram shashi007 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 16:37:06 GMT 2014

I'm using quagga 0.99.22. I'm having problems with ospf adjacency.

The quagga host forms adjacancy with Designated Router, but its stuck in
INIT state with Backup Designated Router.

Does anyone else seen this issue.

DR: show ip ospf neighbor         0   FULL/DROTHER    00:00:38   Vlan501

BDR: show ip ospf neighbor         0   INIT/DROTHER    00:00:36   Vlan501

Quagga host: show  ip ospf neighbor

Neighbor ID Pri  State           Dead Time  Address         Interface
     RXmtL RqstL DBsmL          1  Full/DR           37.679s
EXT1:       0     0     0

Thanks on Advance
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