[quagga-users 13583] OSPF inter area routing issue

Nico Schümann nico.schuemann at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 22:49:08 GMT 2014

Dear community,

I am experiencing a strange inter area routing issue I do not understand:

There is area 0 router R0 with area 5 link to R1 and area 0 link to R2
(Backbone router)
There is area 5 router R1 linked to R0 with area 5 and linked to R2 with
area 5.
There is area 10 router R2 linked to R0 with area 0 and to R1 with area 0.

When everything runs, I have got a full routing table. But as soon as the
link between R1 and R2 fails, R0 still has a full routing table, but R1 and
R2 only have the area 0 routes.
R1 is missing the routes from R2 and R1 is missing the routes from R2. But
since both are connected to R0 and R0 holds a full routing table, the
routes should be there on R1 and R2, should not they?

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much for your time and help
Nico Schümann
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