[quagga-users 13892] Route-map not found with OSPF6

Daniel STICKNEY dstickney at optilian.com
Wed Jan 21 16:03:42 GMT 2015

Hello all,

I've run into a problem with OSPF6 and redistributing routes with a
route-map using Quagga on Debian 7.

I've done searches in the Quagga Bugzilla but I didn't find others
reporting route-map "not found" messages.

Starting from a functioning base configuration (OSPF6 working with no
redistribution), here is how I reproduced the problem :

conf t
ipv6 prefix-list PL_OPTLN6 seq 20 permit 2a00:18a8:400::/62
ipv6 prefix-list PL_OPTLN6 seq 100 deny any
route-map OPT-OSPF6-RDIST permit 10
  match  ipv6  address  prefix-list  PL_OPTLN6
router ospf6
  redistribute  connected  route-map  OPT-OSPF6-RDIST
  redistribute  kernel  route-map  OPT-OSPF6-RDIST
  redistribute  static  route-map  OPT-OSPF6-RDIST
ipv6  route  2a00:18a8:400::/62 lo
wr mem

At this point the redistribution of this static route works, and I see
the static route in the routing tables of the other OSPF6 routers on the

I then restart Quagga
 /etc/init.d/quagga restart

I then see this message in Quagga.log
2015/01/21 16:30:32 OSPF6: route-map "OPT-OSPF6-RDIST" not found,
suppress redistributing

OSPF6d establishes adjacencies with the other OSPF6 routers but
redistributes nothing, as expected after seeing this log message.

I've tried different route-map names, such as RDIST, with no special
characters, and I get the exact same results.

To check that OSPF6d can see the route-map I connect to OSPF6d via
telnet and execute the following command, which confirms that the
route-map does exist and is seen by OSPF6d.

# show route-map OPT-OSPF6-RDIST
route-map OPT-OSPF6-RDIST, permit, sequence 10
  Match clauses:
    ipv6 address prefix-list PL_OPTLN6
  Set clauses:
  Call clause:
    Exit routemap

I am at a loss for a solution to this problem. Does anyone have any

Thanks for your time,

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