[quagga-users 13901] Re: Route-map not found with OSPF6

Daniel STICKNEY dstickney at optilian.com
Mon Jan 26 10:41:00 GMT 2015

Since the route-map statement is after the "router ospf6" config in the
saved config file, I tried putting the route-map statement before the
"router ospf6" statement and restarting Quagga. There is no error
printed in Quagga.log, but there is no redistribution either.

I tested two other things. The first was naming the route-map "a", which
couldn't be a more simple name, and the prefix-list named "pl" for the
same reason. This works like my original route-map and prefix-list names
in that when the commands are typed in it works, then I save and restart
Quagga, and then it no longer works, saying route-map "a" not found,
suppress redistributing.

Lastly I put my original route-map and prefix-list names back in,
RM_OPTLN6 and PL_OPTLN6 respectively, and reproduced the problem. To
temporarily fix the problem until the next Quagga restart I simply
execute "conf t; router ospf6; no redist static; redistribute static
route-map RM_OPTLN6;" and it works, so it seems to me this is a problem
isolated to the loading of the saved config file. Typing the commands in
works... Loading the commands from the config file Quagga.conf doesn't work.

I'm going to try migrating back to separate config files for the daemons
to see if that changes something. Otherwise I'll open a ticket in Bugzilla.

Thanks for your time.


Le 22/01/2015 12:28, Alexis Rosen a écrit :
> On Jan 22, 2015, at 5:06 AM, Daniel STICKNEY <dstickney at optilian.com> wrote:
>> Hello Alexis,
>> Thanks for your suggestion. Here is the current structure of the saved
>> config file.[...]
> Sorry, I don't recall if that's right or not (I don't use vanilla quagga at the moment, and that bug was at least a year ago, I think). But it's easy enough to test - modify the file by hand with an editor, putting the route-map before the ospf6, and see if that helps on restart.
> Good luck,
> /a
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