[quagga-users 13902] Re: Route-map not found with OSPF6

Daniel STICKNEY dstickney at optilian.com
Mon Jan 26 13:27:12 GMT 2015

I wanted to send a last update to let others know the solution I found.

If an integrated vtysh config is *not* used, and the configuration is
saved into separate files (zebra.conf, ospf6d.conf, ospfd.conf, etc...),
rebooting Quagga does not cause any problems, and OSPF6d correctly loads
its saved configuration, finds the route-map, and redistribution works
as configured.

It is only when OSPF6 reads its configuration from Quagga.conf that it
fails to find the route-map used for route redistribution.

I created a bug report in Bugzilla to track the issue :


Le 26/01/2015 11:41, Daniel STICKNEY a écrit :
> Since the route-map statement is after the "router ospf6" config in the
> saved config file, I tried putting the route-map statement before the
> "router ospf6" statement and restarting Quagga. There is no error
> printed in Quagga.log, but there is no redistribution either.
> I tested two other things. The first was naming the route-map "a", which
> couldn't be a more simple name, and the prefix-list named "pl" for the
> same reason. This works like my original route-map and prefix-list names
> in that when the commands are typed in it works, then I save and restart
> Quagga, and then it no longer works, saying route-map "a" not found,
> suppress redistributing.
> Lastly I put my original route-map and prefix-list names back in,
> RM_OPTLN6 and PL_OPTLN6 respectively, and reproduced the problem. To
> temporarily fix the problem until the next Quagga restart I simply
> execute "conf t; router ospf6; no redist static; redistribute static
> route-map RM_OPTLN6;" and it works, so it seems to me this is a problem
> isolated to the loading of the saved config file. Typing the commands in
> works... Loading the commands from the config file Quagga.conf doesn't work.
> I'm going to try migrating back to separate config files for the daemons
> to see if that changes something. Otherwise I'll open a ticket in Bugzilla.
> Thanks for your time.
> Daniel
> Le 22/01/2015 12:28, Alexis Rosen a écrit :
>> On Jan 22, 2015, at 5:06 AM, Daniel STICKNEY <dstickney at optilian.com> wrote:
>>> Hello Alexis,
>>> Thanks for your suggestion. Here is the current structure of the saved
>>> config file.[...]
>> Sorry, I don't recall if that's right or not (I don't use vanilla quagga at the moment, and that bug was at least a year ago, I think). But it's easy enough to test - modify the file by hand with an editor, putting the route-map before the ospf6, and see if that helps on restart.
>> Good luck,
>> /a
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