Homer W. Smith homerwsmith at lightlink.com
Wed Jul 29 03:22:00 BST 2015

   Dear Folks,

   I am a sort of newbie at OSPF.
   I have an upstream that is sharing all its routes writh me via OSPF and visa versa.  This allows me to get to their inside customers
without having to go outside first and back in the normal way as we have a direct link to each other.  My normal link is defaulted to Time Warner.

   Recently this upstream  added routes that are inappropriate to my services and in fact are detrimental.  These routes seem to come and go and
are random in their appearance.  They have no idea yet what is causing it.

    They can't quite figure it out, so I want to figure it out at my end.

    Their end is running a mikrotik and my end is running linuk with ospf 0.99.x latest version.
     It is a simple link from my machine to theirs on eth1.
     I want to receive from them ONLY 3 networks, say and and and reject ALL other routes incoming
to my system from THEM.  Other interfaces on my route are facing inside my network and should not be interferred with.

     Could someone please demonstrate for me a simple redistribute route-map with access list or prefix lists that I can use to filter out everything
except specified routes over this one link.
     I presently have
     redistribute static
     redistribute kernel
     redistribue connected
     Homer W Smith
     CEO, Lightlink Internet
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