[quagga-users 14008] Re: Running Multiple Instances of Quagga

Olivier Tilmans olivier.tilmans at uclouvain.be
Mon Jun 15 20:29:44 BST 2015


When doing that exact setup I usually use telnet instead of vtysh  (e.g.
`telnet localhost 2604` -- for ospfd) which works flawlessly.
If you want to use vtysh, the alternative would be to call `mount
--bind` to remount the part of the FS where the vtysh socket is in a
netns specific directory.
The default location of the sockets is /var/run ; look into config.h for
one of the *_VTYSH_PATH defines.
You could then do in each namespace, prior to running quagga:
`mkdir -p /tmp/nsX/var/run && mount --bind /var/run /tmp/nsX/var/run`
where X is the namespace number.


On 11/06/15 18:30, Jafar Al-Gharaibeh wrote:
> Hi,
>   While we are waiting for the dust to settle on VRF support, and also
> adding VRF-aware daemons, I'm trying to run multiple instances of Quagga
> on the same machine isolated in network namespaces. There are several
> command line options that help doing that, like pointing to different
> config files, pid files, etc. Things seem to be a little more tricky
> when it comes to vtysh.
> Going through the email-list history didn't reveal enough information on
> how to do it properly, but I know that several people on the list
> indicated that they have done this kind of setup before. Did anybody
> create a guide/help on  how to do that?  Maybe have scripts that you are
> willing to share?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Jafar
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