[quagga-users 14010] Re: Running Multiple Instances of Quagga

Olivier Tilmans olivier.tilmans at uclouvain.be
Tue Jun 16 15:28:58 BST 2015

Hello Jafar,

If you don't have a 'main' process in the network namespace in charge of
spawning all other processes for that namespace to which you can send
command, then you will need to remount /var/run each time you issue an
ip netns exec as mount namespaces are process-inherited.

mkdir -p /tmp/newns/var/run
ip netns add newns
ip netns exec newns bash -c 'mount --bind /tmp/newns/var/run /var/run &&
## Later on ...
ip netns exec newns bash -c 'mount --bind /tmp/newns/var/run /var/run &&

A less constraining solution would be to patch the daemons & vtysh to
add a launch argument to specify to location of the vtysh socket ...


On 15/06/15 22:10, Jafar Al-Gharaibeh wrote:
> HI Olivier,
>    In my case, I have a number of programs that continuously issuing 
> vtysh commands based on state/variables. I have two instances of Quagga
> running, one in the the global network namespace, and the other in a new
> network namespace call it newns. In the places where I want to
> communicate with Quagga in newns, I added "ip netns exe newns" before
> the vtysh command, but that didn't do the trick. What I hear  you saying
> is that if I do the mount trick, my command would work (connect to the
> correct Quagga). is that correct?
> Thanks,
> Jafar

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