[quagga-users 14015] Re: Running Multiple Instances of Quagga

Jafar Al-Gharaibeh jafar at atcorp.com
Wed Jun 17 15:41:04 BST 2015

On 6/17/2015 8:40 AM, Nicolas Dichtel wrote:
> Le 16/06/2015 16:28, Olivier Tilmans a écrit :
>> Hello Jafar,
>> If you don't have a 'main' process in the network namespace in charge of
>> spawning all other processes for that namespace to which you can send
>> command, then you will need to remount /var/run each time you issue an
>> ip netns exec as mount namespaces are process-inherited.
>> e.g.
>> mkdir -p /tmp/newns/var/run
>> ip netns add newns
>> ip netns exec newns bash -c 'mount --bind /tmp/newns/var/run /var/run &&
>> command_to_start_quagga'
>> ## Later on ...
>> ip netns exec newns bash -c 'mount --bind /tmp/newns/var/run /var/run &&
>> vtysh'
>> A less constraining solution would be to patch the daemons & vtysh to
>> add a launch argument to specify to location of the vtysh socket ...
> It is also possible to set the default path to
> /etc/netns/<iproute2-netns-name>/var/run/ instead of /var/run/.
> 'ip netns exec foo command_to_start_quagga' will remount 
> /etc/netns/foo to /etc/
> It's a bit ugly, but it's simpler ;-)


    How do you set a default path that is only specific to a network 

    I can live with ugly but simpler for now. I'm hoping to move away 
from this anyway as soon as we get VRF support in Quagga ;)


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