[quagga-users 14241] Re: missing routes to iBGP peers

Paul Thornton prt at prt.org
Mon Feb 29 14:39:03 GMT 2016

Hi Mike, Sim,

On 27/01/2016 14:04, Mike Tancsa wrote:

> Hi,
> 	Thanks for having a look!  Nothing jumps out. I compared a few of the
> other iBGP peers and they have the same output in the nei description. I
> will take a look at the thread to see.

Did you get any further with this issue?

I think it is a regression bug, or at least some kind of change in 
behaviour.  We recently upgraded from to and 
immediately started to see this problem for a downstream connection that 
was dual-homed to the two boxes.  Before the upgrade, things 
worked just fine.  That may, of course, have been coincidence but I'm 
wondering if there are changes in bgpd that caused this.

I need to spend some lab time trying to recreate this and see exactly 
what's going on, but, like you tcpdump confirms no update messages are 
going between the routers when I would expect to see them.


Paul Thornton

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