[quagga-users 14366] How to limit Quagga Buffers

Richard Mayers richard.mayers92 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 20:40:18 BST 2016

Hi folks,

I have the feeling that my quagga routers have infinite buffers and I
never experience losses when sending UDP traffic.

For example:

Lets say I have a router with two links     ------(20mbps)------
Router -----(10mbps)------ If I send traffic to the router through the
first interface at 20mbps it sends 10mbps because its the maximum it
can do, however it buffers the rest and when I stop sending traffic
the router will keep sending through the second interface.

I do not want this to happen I want the packets to be lost. What
should to have small buffers?

Kind regards,
Richard Mayers

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