[quagga-users 14359] Problem packet duplicate

Welisson Tomé welissontome at ig.com.br
Wed Jun 15 20:38:56 BST 2016


Hello Everyone 

We have a router edge linux running zebra+ospfd+bgpd as a DR into our
network, and after installed another router and it has been started it
became as BDR due a config wrong, but right away we re-configured and
this one got as dr other, after that whole our mikrotik getting with
their ospf state between them as 2-way, and my router quagga is
receiving notice as packet duplicated from our others routers. 

Above following a piece from my log reffering it. 

2016/06/15 13:09:58 OSPF: DR-Election[1st]: Backup
2016/06/15 13:09:58 OSPF: DR-Election[1st]: DR
2016/06/15 13:09:58 OSPF: Packet[DD]: Neighbor Negotiation
done (Slave).
2016/06/15 13:09:58 OSPF: Packet[DD] [Slave]: Neighbor
packet duplicated.
2016/06/15 13:09:58 OSPF: nsm_change_state(, Loading ->
Full): scheduling new router-LSA origination 

Is there someone could help me with this situations? 

I've tried to restart ospfd but no success. 

Welisson Tome

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