[quagga-users 14245] Re: Less resource-intense table dump from bgpd

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Thu Mar 3 20:46:40 GMT 2016

* Daniel Seidenstücker:

> Maybe this hint/approach helps you:
> You can call vtysh commands the following way and pipe the results in normal
> unix commands (examples from ubuntu):
> sudo vtysh -c "show ip bgp summary" | grep 00: | wc -l	#number of
> established peers, with connection under 1 hour
> sudo vtysh -c "show ip bgp summary" | wc -l			#number of
> configured peers
> So for you it's something like:
> sudo vtysh -c "show ip bgp" | ...

I'm already doing that. :)

The problem is that in my case, the command itself needs a lot of
resources.  bgpd needs a couple of hundred MiB RAM extra while it
runs, and the CPU utilization is quite significant as well.

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